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About the circles


The SWEI circles are open spaces to have a very chill, low pressure and zero judgemental conversation about sex. All along the year, different circles are organized covering different aspects of the conversation of sex, sexual relationships and gender so the attendees can come to any session they want or even to all of them! We make sure to listen and let people speak comfortably. We are always opened for suggestions on how the circles function and the topics we cover.

Okay ! Still interested? Then there are some things you need to know…



The circles have a maximum of 10/12 people and are moderated by a trained SWEI member. We always try to have them in the Music Room in UCG and bring some tea and snacks to make the environment comfy and cozy.

The circle starts with a round of introduction which is a brief debrief of the topic of the circle. This gives the participants the chance to give a quick introduction of themselves and us, the moderators, to get a general idea of where the interest lies in the topic.

Then, discussion starts. Anybody is free to participate and ask questions at any time. Everybody can intervene anytime respecting turns.

When the discussion comes to the final point (or we run out of time:) There is a cool down round in which we do a check-out.




Respect everybody. Do not interrupt.

  • We kindly ask to keep what is shared confidential. We want to preserve a safe space.

  • Some of the topics that can arise in the circles can be triggering and emotionally demanding. Anybody is free to leave at any time.

  • It would be very nice to not come late, as schedule is usually tight and the check ins and outs are very necessary

If you got here. Thank you! You Slay. See you in the CIRCLE.

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