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Sexual Assault Information

Sexual assault is a severely under-reported crime, a reason for this -among others- is that victims of it often have feelings of responsibility or guilt. If you have been assaulted, remember, it is not your fault or responsibility, you didn't deserve this and you are not alone!

If you would like to report an assault or would like someone to talk to use these contacts 

Within RUG:



  • Student service Center psychologists & counselors

    Uurwerkersgang 10, Groningen


Other resources: 

Sexual assault center- open 24 hours ~ 0800-0188


Sense- regarding STIs and sexual health ~ 0900- 7367366

Report Anonymously

How to report a crime

Calling the police
Emergency number - 112 (free of charge)
Report a crime anonymously - 0800-7000 (free of charge)

Local police for non-emergencies - 0900-8844 (10 cents per minute)

For STI information and health concerns

You can contact the sexual assault center, SENSE, or your GP and you can find more information through SWEI

STI information

Common STIs

  • Chlamydia

  • Gonorrhea

  • Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

  • Hepatitis B

  • Syphilis

  • Trichomoniasis

  • HPV

  • Herpes

Common Symptoms

  • Bumps, sores, or rashes

  • Changes in colour, smell or amount of vaginal discharge

  • Penile discharge

  • Vaginal (spotting) or rectal bleeding Pain in the genitals

  • Itching

  • Swollen and painful lymph nodes, especially in the groin and neck

How do they test you?

Most STI tests are done using urine or blood samples but sometimes a swab sample is needed

How to get tested? 

Contact your GP, SENSE or get tested privately for 40 euros. For more info visit the GGD website

When should you get tested?

• You have had sex without a barrier method, like a condom
• You have had or are planning to have sex with a new partner

• You have multiple sexual partners
• You are worried you may have been exposed to an STI
• You are pregnant
• You shared injection drug equipment
• You have symptoms


STIs can be contracted from both oral and pentrative sex and so the easiest way to protect yourself is to use protection. (Male) condoms can be used both for vaginal and anal sex or for fellatio (oral sex on the penis) while dental dams for cunnilingus and analingus (oral sex on the vulva and anus respectively). Condoms and dental dams don’t protect you 100% from STI’s but it is still worth using one. Condoms can be found in any drugstor/supermarket while dental dams are sold in sex shops or can be made out of a condom

Specifically on HIV

There are two pills, for prevention of contracting HIV, one meant to be used consistently when having unprotected sex with an infected partner and one to be taken after intercourse on a case by case basis. PrEP and PeP respectively. For more information on these contact your GP

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