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Unique Features of SWEI

In the following section, the six unique features of SWEI will be highlighted. They are the special strengths that make SWEI the organisation it is today.


SWEI was founded and is run by students, therefore SWEI is the bridge between students and resources within and outside the university. Additionally, it initiates a norm for students to be mindful of their sexual well-being.

Trained team

All SWEI members are trained in the week(s) before the beginning of each academic year. Additionally, agreements are formed between the SWEI Team and the personal support advisor(s) to ensure the safety and well-being of both the students and the members.

Holistic Approach

We are the only organisation in the Netherlands who is providing a holistic approach to sex education based on the variety of workshops we organise. Therefore, we provide a rich curriculum.

Expert Involvement

Hiring appropriate experts for sex education enables our curriculum to be rich with knowledge. By doing so, we ensure that each speaker is an expert in one specific field so that each workshop is of the highest quality.

Extensive Network

Since SWEI was founded, we have been building our network with experts within their fields. As a result, it also becomes easier for us to reach new experts if necessary. Our network prevents the university from spending time and resources on searching for reliable and informative experts.

Tailored Workshops

We work closely with the experts to conduct our workshops in an interesting, informative, and interactive manner. Every year we meet with the experts again to discuss improvements based on the feedback given by participating students. Additionally, we discuss new relevant topics, making our workshops applicable to the real world.

Moreover, we offer ‘Further Education’ courses as part of our curriculum, allowing universities to choose which workshops they would like to provide for their students. We also are concerned with recommendations made by the students or the university and are up to date with important topics.

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