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Hey There!! Welcome to Recruitment :)

In SWEI, we have a lot of different roles within our team. The following positions are becoming available. If you become part of our team, we will discuss together with you what position is best suited for you. You can get a specific position within the team, but next to that, we still organize events and you also can get the chance to manage, plan and organize events next to your assigned role within the team. Outside of event planning, we have weekly meetings, which take two hours per week. We try to create a safe, comfortable atmosphere in our organization, not just doing only business, but also having fun together and talking about topics of our interest.

Recruitment process

Once you have filled out the application, we will look at all your answers. From the 7th of March, when the applications close, we will start looking at the forms and on the 13th of March, we will start interviewing. If you are accepted for an interview, you will receive an email from us inviting you to do an interview with us. Then, for a week, we will be holding interviews, where we ask you about the questions in the application form and ask you more follow-up questions to see if you are a good fit to our team. Then after, we will be making a decision until April and on the first of April, we will announce our new members. 


22 February-7 March: open up applications

13 March-17 March: interviews

1st of April: announcing new team members

Our Roles


As a treasurer, you take care of everything financial within SWEI. This entails keeping track of expenses, but also setting up a budget together with the overview person on where to allocate the money for workshops. You report your budget to the team. This position has a workload of about 1-2 hours a week, excluding meetings and event planning.


As the secretary, you have all the tasks that a secretary needs to do: taking notes in meetings, setting the meetings and booking the meeting room, making the agenda for the meeting and managing emails and the drive. This position will take you about 4 hours per week excluding meeting times and event planning. If you like organizing information and planning things, this is an ideal position for you!

Social media manager

The social media manager is in charge of our social media accounts, being Instagram and Tiktok. As the social media manager, you have contact with event managers about posts of events, check/answer messages, manage the posts and marketing. We have a content team, so you do not have to make posters yourself. However, in this position, you have a lot of freedom on what you want to do with the Instagram account: it is also your responsibility to come up with a six month timeline about your plan for social media. This position takes about 2-4 hours a week excluding meeting times and event planning

Website manager

As the website manager, you are in charge of our website. For this position, you need to have a background in website design or at least know how to work with wix. In this position, you update the website with events, information about our organization, you take care of the tickets and sign-ups for events and have close contact with event managers, social media and other roles in the team. It is a bonus if you are also creative, but other positions such as content creator and social media manager are also there to help you with designing the website and making it pretty. This role takes about 3 hours a week, excluding meetings and organizing events.

Event manager

If you do not want another specific role in the team, you can also be an event manager, and only take care of organizing events. To be clear, other roles can also be event managers, this just means to be in charge of a certain event. For example, if you are the main organizer of the consent workshop, you are the Consent workshop event manager. As event manager, you have the responsibility of making our workshops happen. We have a network of professionals that we contact, so as event manager you contact those professionals, plan the workshop on content together with the professional, and work on promoting the event together with content creators, social media manager, and website manager. You also have contact with the treasurer about the budget. It is a very fun role to have, since organizing workshops is one of the main reasons why SWEI exists, to give back to the students. This role varies in time, but the estimation is that you plan one event per two months, which would take about 2-4 hours a week, excluding meeting times.

Internal affairs

As internal affairs, you are in charge of our contact with others within UCG. This entails meetings with NOLAS (Network of Liberal Arts and Sciences : all the student bodies of UCG), the student assessor, Caerus, Faculty Council, personal support advisor, academic advisor and director. This is a very important role because we want to have good connections within UCG, and this will help us be an established organization. This role takes on average 7 hours a week, excluding meeting times and organizing events.

External affairs

As external affairs, you are in charge of our contact with people outside of UCG. This means the RUG and the Hanze, but also possible sponsors outside the university. Ideally, we want to expand to other faculties, and as external affairs, you try to work with other faculties to make this happen, also in terms of future funding. This position is also open to someone who thinks outside of the box, is aware of the other players in the field and not afraid to reach out, network and go up to someone to create new opportunities. Creativity and your own input can flourish here. This position has a workload of about 6 hours a week, excluding meetings and planning events.


As HR, you basically take care of the team’s wellbeing. In this role, you firstly are in charge of recruitment and training week. Next to that, you check in with the team to see how they are doing in SWEI, keep track of people’s hours and their presence in meetings, and organize bondings for the whole team. You are also in charge of keeping members in the team accountable. This position takes about 2-3 hours a week, depending on the period (recruitment period more for example), outside of meeting times and planning events.

Content manager

As content manager, you are in charge of creating the content that goes on our website and social media. This means that an event manager contacts you with information about an event, you make the poster and then you give that to the social media manager and website manager so they can post the information. If you are good at design and creative, this position is perfect for you. This position takes about 2 hours per week, excluding meeting times and organizing events.

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